I like this Place

As I sit here while my family asleep,  with the moon shining brightly between the persistent clouds, I wonder how much I have created here and how much has just found me. I tend to be passive yet out spoken. Indifferent to much, but always open to the changing events around me. I fight for what I believe in, for what I want. I always fight for what’s right, even if it means me or the people closest to me are wrong. I don’t have to do much but be myself, take care of the people around me, be honest, and let the world keep happening. 

This may sound silly, but I often wonder where I would be if I never started this blog – obviously I wouldn’t be here, I’ve often quietly sneaked away from this space for a wee while (like I do so often with so many things around me). But I like this place, especially lately, I haven’t lost anything at all from writing this blog in fact I have gained so much… so I keep writing.
Do I dislike the idea of a few people assuming they know me by the few words and pictures I share? Totally, that’s part of this whole open public sharing thing. It has opened up my flaws and at times made me feel vulnerable – but I allowed it.  It’s human nature for people to be curious so I have made a point of being  open, honest, and put myself out there, completely aware. 
If I’m completely honest, which I always am, no one can ever hold anything against me. It’s all already out there, there’s no back and forth, 

I’m able to just relax right where I am. 



  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15761220164069379437 Bron Maxabella

    We have so much in common, Lisa. That I know from your blog! I live much as I write, too. It's all out there – everything worth knowing, anyway. x

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